Friday, July 30, 2010

Acrosticly Speaking, I'm Great!

In elementary school, I remember writing acrostic poems, attempting to name self attributes which coordinated with the letters in my name.  These acrostic poems would follow me through middle school, and, yes, even into high school as we would "break the ice" amongst our peers while reading aloud our character.  I was always thankful I had nice, easy letters; more than often, my name would spell:


But I wonder now, if I were to ask someone else to write an acrostic of my name, would they concur with such glorifying synonyms?  Or would they fill in the blanks with something different.  My walk with Christ is constantly pointing me inward, inspecting each dark crevice, overturning every stone no matter how small or easily overlooked, to ensure that my steps are intentional and purposeful.  How short I fall, of genuinely being kind, awesome, nice, delightful, inspiring, and selfless.  But I am thankful to have an example of all these qualities to teach me how to be kind and selfless, full of heart in everything I do.  It is with purpose I begin this blog:  to share my walk, though young in its nature, with anyone who cares to read.  What is your acrostic?  What is Christ writing about you?

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  1. I remember having to do that exercise with friends names in high school for English class. It was fun. I do think you are all of those :) Especially AWESOME ;0)